The Waves

From the Playground area of the North to the Hole in the south there are waves of every different shape, size and consequence to be found in the Mentawais. Once aboard let us know what kind of waves you are chasing and we will do everything we can to help you get exactly the kind of waves you came for.


Here are a few you may have heard of.

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Burgerworld: A fun right that picks up whatever swell is around and gives you plenty of room to practice your cutbacks.
E Bay: A fast left that barrels and walls up nicely on the inside.
Pit Stops: A fun little right that is ideal for turns and airs.
Bank Vaults: A heavier right barrel that can handle swells up to 10ft.
Nipussy: A short playful right further inside the bay from Bank Vaults.
No-kandui: One of the quickest lefts in the world better left to chargers.
Four Bobs: A short little rippable right that barrels on take off.
Rifles: A long barrelling right considered one of the best in the world on it’s day.

Surfing North Mentawai




Telescopes: A long left that peels and walls up for endless carves as it bends it’s way round the reef.

Icelands: An intenese barrelling left that offers a nice big wall for turns.
Scarecrows: A fun left that walls up before barrelling on the inside.
Bintangs: A short barrelling right that handles real swell

Lance’s Left: A powerful left that barrels and walls up along the reef.

HT’s or Lance’s Right: A perfect right hander that peels off across a shallow reef bay.



Deep South

Macaroni’s: A perfect left that barrels on take off then walls up.
Bat Caves: A powerful right that gives you big walls to draw out your turns.
Greenbush: A freak of a left that comes out of deep water and runs along a shallow reef shelf.
Rags Right: A short barrelling right that is very shallow.
Thunders: A fun rippable left that picks up whatever swell is around.

The Hole: An extreme left barrel that is for kamikazes only.
Lighthouse Rights: A down the line right that offers walls for big turns.