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Its a constant change here, not only in the local islands here in Bungus where Nyata Co. is based but out in the Mentawai Islands. Since its humble beginnings as a discovered surf destination with just a hand full of boats out here to a fleet of over 40 boats, its changed.

They say its overcrowded and impossible to get waves to yourself, its not like the good old days, with now 60 plus surfers in the lineup...and yes it does get like that if everyone wants to surf the same wave over and over again. Which the punter does.

The island chain is massive and there is a plethora of waves to surf, its up to the individual and what they are after. We can go and definitely get waves but there will be 7 boats and 50+ people there, or we can go take a risk and find these waves that are out there, we will get there and it may be smaller, or it may just be the perfect wave of your life, yet guaranteed you will have it all to yourself.

On the way we will hug the coast picking out any kinda of spray rising from a lump near a reef, lines out getting ready to catch lunch, and finally anchoring in water the colour of an underwater emerald city.

Nyata is born from a local Indonesian fishing boat, fishing these waters for almost 20 years, she has had a few changes done to her, but she still feels like your on an Indonesian adventure, open to elements of the ocean and ready for pretty much anything. You can pay up to almost $6000USD on other charter boats, but you will never get that experience of being in Indonesia searching for waves like back in the 70's. Nyata is a small fraction of that price and guaranteed to give you and your mates memories for a lifetime.

If its a surfing adventure you want with four of your best mates in the Mentawai islands, West Sumatra at a price thats believable...then Nyata is that boat.

Check out our website undergroundsurftours.com for more details and pricing.

Its easy to get caught up in the modern life that most of us live, but when it come to surfing, none of that matters when your out on the water, we all are in the same ocean.

Real Surfing Nyata Surf Co.

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